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Making progress

T-1 week until the return of students.  Today we had a work day to finish up some  details on our “Maker Philosophy” and clean up/make usable the actual makerspace room.  Here is the team getting ready (clearly coffee is required for Maker-ing) When we went in this morning we saw that a lot of progress […]

Making the Space….It’s actually happening!

Just two weeks left until school starts and our Makerspace is actually being made!  I visited the school today to sit in on a meeting with Greg, our Grainger representative about ordering equipment and I got to see the construction in progress.  To start things off, here is a little sketch of what we had […]


I quilt and sew as a hobby, but I must admit that I was skeptical about the idea of having textiles as a learning tool.  In our planning meeting for the MakerSpace we decided textiles would be one of our first focus areas, but I thought “What purpose would sewing have in the classroom?” As […]