Improving As We Go

Self Improvement

Claudia Luong

We all have those little things we dislike about ourselves. Whether it’s our physical features of just habits. Personally, I have a terrible habit of not asking for help and think I’m stupid if I do. This leads to me being scared of projects or homework and I refuse to do them, until I realize that I really NEED to do it. In PLTW, we develop a lot of skills. Whether it’s learning how to saw, what to do in the dark room, or how to build a bridge out of toothpicks, string, and glue there’s more skills than that. Sometimes it’s more than that. Working together, common sense, or time management. Over the past 2-3 months of school, I’ve gotten so much closer to people who I don’t even talk to to and have gotten to know how they work. Knowing these things, I know where to put myself. If I know one of my partners doesn’t like a lot of work, I will try to help and push them to do an equal part of the job.

I gained so much common sense when building the bridge. At first I was thinking, how is toothpicks, string, and glue supposed to carry a certain number of grams. We made a technical drawing which is just based on the measurements and we went for it, but when we started building we came up with more ideas over more ideas. I think that we should’ve planned out more before we started building. We felt pressured over the little time, but all we needed to do is just brainstorm a little more and not go with the 1st idea. I felt like we could’ve used our common sense a little more, but we learned and we have worked on common sense on our future moduels.


The Bio-Medical moduele was very interesting and we developed the skill of asking questions and just sit there being lost. We had to imagine what medicine would be like in the far future. In 50 years, anything could happen. Look at technology today. There are an outrageous number of things out there. On the assignment, we saw that we had to make an interactive, but with an app. That’s the part that we missed or didn’t understand. So we made a full. handmade game. Doing this, we didn’t follow the instructions so Ms. Sauter notified us on the app. If we just asked Ms. Sauter about the app or if we didn’t understand the assignment, we should’ve asked instead of going for it, again.

We will probably make these mistakes over and over again, but it’s a good thing that I notice and am aware what am I doing.


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