Monthly Archives: January 2015

Truss Me, Triangles are Right for the Job

Well hello Project Ventura enthusiasts. I am Chandler and I am a sophomore in Ms. Jo’s engineering class. As my fellow classmates have said, we are making a greenhouse for our project this year instead of remodeling a vintage trailer. To build a greenhouse, we are learning about structural engineering and one thing that is […]

Setting Standards High

Hello Dear WordPress Readers, Now that we have our new cornerstone project, it is critical that we know how to build a structure that will support our endeavors and withstand the crazy Austin weather. So how are we learning how to do this? The answer is Free Body Diagrams and Calculating Force Vectors! Free Body […]

Back to Physics and More!

Hello Project VENTURA readers!  As you might have heard from my classmate Briana these past few days during class we have been learning the principles of engineering.  All of these principles will help us build our green house!  And since this will be our first big building project it would be smart to review the […]

New Surprise!

I’m sad to inform you that unfortunately we will not be doing the free-standing climbing cavern, which sounded really exciting of course but for some reasons, we won’t be building it. Although, like my friend Lucia mentioned in the last post, our project is still going to be based on the principles of engineering,  which […]

Grab on Tight

Hello Project VENTURA readers and enthusiasts, my name is Lucia and I am a current sophomore at the Ann Richards School in the engineering pathway. As many of you may know, Project VENTURA is a 10th grade project at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. For the past two years, this project has […]