New Surprise!

I’m sad to inform you that unfortunately we will not be doing the free-standing climbing cavern, which sounded really exciting of course but for some reasons, we won’t be building it. Although, like my friend Lucia mentioned in the last post, our project is still going to be based on the principles of engineering,  which we are learning during class, and it will also be based on the mission statement of our school. My name is Briana and I am one of the ten students who are eagerly ready to start building and learning more about our cornerstone project.

Keeping it nice and simple like this greenhouse can be really fun.

Keeping it nice and simple like this greenhouse can be really fun.

Now for the exciting news!For our project VENTURA we will be creating a greenhouse. How green is that! The Ann Richards school has been raising money to construct a greenhouse that can bring many benefits to not only our school but also the community. Our mission statement states to “…solve problems creatively and ethically in support of our global community.” By creating this greenhouse we are persuading and showing our community that it is a great idea to grow your own plants. This greenhouse will show many girls how having your own greenhouse can help you save money while still having fun. There are many benefits of building a greenhouse. First of all, the greenhouse controls the humidity and the temperature of the place. With that being said, the person planting won’t really have to worry about the seasons or the time of year. The person will also be able to control the type of plants they are planting. It will be easier to maintain their plants organized and separated from each other. A greenhouse will also bring great  opportunities for a new learning experience. Many students will be able to do some research and conduct experiments in this greenhouse. Now that’s cool!

This will be the skeleton of the greenhouse

This will be the skeleton of the greenhouse

On the other hand, the greenhouse itself looks really cool! The design of our future greenhouse is thought to look like a barn. Like seen in the picture, the greenhouse will consist of two rafters for every truss that is being connected to the walls. This will give it roughly the same shape a barn would have. The greenhouse will be a really good way of learning about framing and basic qualities of a building. On the inside of the greenhouse, we are thinking of putting some shelving so that the place can be a little bit more organized and easier to walk through. We are still thinking about how that will work out or how the the designs of the shelving will look like, so that there is still a good amount of space for planting. We are also thinking of adding solar panels that will create energy for the greenhouse. We will be wiring those, which could be a little bit of a challenge, but then again, who doesn’t like a challenge?
I’m just really excited for this project and can’t wait until we start building it. I think it will be really fun, exciting and it can be a good way to learn many things from a simple project.


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