Models and More!

We are now getting closer and closer to moving along with our greenhouse design as well as the excitement! Hi, my name is Mariel and I’m here from Mrs.Jo’s engineering class. I’m pretty sure it is known what we are up to, but know it’s getting even more serious and deep.

We have now gotten into teams of two and are ready to actually use our hands and create models of our greenhouse design.  With these models we will be able to go into depth about learning how to trusses work and what types of trusses need to be able so that our structure is sturdy. We will construct these models then place them into a pressurizing capsule where we will be able to apply stress and weight to see how strong the greenhouse was. Placing a foot forward we have been able to get templates of these different designs and have scaled down all the different measurements to make sure we make the right type of trusses. In class, we were given packets were it had step-by-step instructions and models that we were able to scale down, cut, and paste into our notebooks. Once having done this we are able to get  picture of how these models and how this greenhouse will look like. It’s oh so very exciting.

These are our class work looked like. We had a picture of the green house which we scaled down. There was also instructions. After we did this we cut and pasted them into our notebooks.

These are our class work looked like. We had a picture of the green house which we scaled down. There was also instructions. After we did this we cut and pasted them into our notebooks.

Something that I thought was pretty challenging was thinking about all the sewer lining, electricity wires, and even water pipes that are underground. Being notified of this issue we had to call the city of Austin to come and mark the area that we were going to use to make sure we didn’t accidently dig into anything. Which was a pretty interesting call, if I do say so myself. I think this is something important to bring to mind because it sure wasn’t the first thought that came up to me and not taking notice of this could have caused a bigger problem later on. This allows us to start thinking about all the small details that have to be done and have to be taken care of to be able to come up with the big picture. Through this project I’m pretty sure there will be more of these small issues that will come up because they have. For example, we have had to really think about a good place to position this greenhouse because we had to think about the sunlight. Making sure the sunlight would be able to hit the greenhouse and the other outside gardens and not allowing the greenhouse to cast a shadow on the other gardens. Also, considering the access the students and teachers will have and making sure it’s also protected from the public. Yet, all these thoughts never came to mind at first. Once digging and getting further into the project everything will be able to come together though.

These are the current gardens that will be remade later on that we must consider when we are making the greenhouse. Photo Credit: Chandler

There are the gardens that we had to be aware of because these will be removed and made again.
Photo Credit: Chandler

I’m very excited to continue this project and creating a model with my partner and seeing how all of this will turn out!

Thank you for reading,



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