Let’s Talk Dinero!

Hello fellow readers! Guess who’s back? Yup, your girl Briana! Well anyways, today we completely new things, that are not that fun but are really essential and important to our project. Like my great friend Lucia mentioned on the last post, we have started to map the place where we have decided to put our awesome greenhouse. Which is always a big deal because is something

Working together and working on model.

Working together and working on model.

that is pleasing to the customer. Also, I guess we can say for most of us the best or the funnest part is to built. But there are more things than just building. That is why we have decided to split off into different groups so we can accomplish more in less time, which is also called, divide and conquer! So during this class period there was two groups. The group who is finishing up the model of our greenhouse, like mentioned in the previous posts, and the “financial” group.

So we thought that the scale model of our greenhouse would almost be done but let just say we ran into a small problem. The frame that was built separately from the base of the greenhouse  doesn’t finish at the two ends of the width of the greenhouse. Is

Figuring out how to build the frames.

Figuring out how to build the frames.

too small to run the whole entire front part, also the back part, and the frame took us a long time to put together. So we have decided to rearrange the base of the whole entire greenhouse. The idea is to take the long side base frames and put them inside instead of the outside, like how we originally had it. It may take a little more work but then again, it is easier than rebuilding the whole entire frame again, and anyways, we are learning new skills!


This is the approximation of the money we will be using for one of the structures.

This is the approximation of the money we will be using for one of the structures.

Yes, money! Well it’s actually a lot of work. For this kind of project we have a client who we are building this greenhouse for, but they will need to know about the money being invested into this project. That’s why we have the other half of the group, managing and solving about how much money it will be needed to complete this project. For right now we have concentrated in finding the money invested in the wood and the other supplies needed to build the different structures. We have to find a good quality of wood that is not too expensive but not too cheap, more like something reasonable. The math of how much money that will be needed for the whole entire project has not been finished but it’s on its way to being solved.

Well I hope everything goes well and we get to finish our model soon so we can actually start building the real one. But yes, we need to know the financial stuff first!


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