Triangles, Trusses, and Teamwork Oh My!

Dear WordPress Readers,

Building is no easy task, but with a hint of effort, a pinch of guidance,and a dash of collaboration it becomes very enjoyable, and at the end, we have this awesome structure that we can say we MADE!!! We have been working on our prototype of

Shilah marks the Greenhouse while Britton stabilizes the frame.

Shilah marks the Greenhouse while Britton stabilizes the frame.

the greenhouse we will be building for our wonderful entrepreneur class and just for our community to enjoy and we’ve decided that our prototype will make the perfect chicken coop. So far we have the frame of our chicken coop and I can tell you, it looks pretty cool. We first stumbled with some issues of scaling down the original size of the greenhouse to make our prototype. We couldn’t understand why our measurements just wouldn’t fit together, but after a couple of new cuts and drilling, we got the frame done.

Students Lucia and Briana help Ms. Jo fit the separate parts of the model together.

Students Lucia and Briana help Ms. Jo fit the separate parts of the model together.

Building has been really cool because we have been using tools that before this, we had never heard of, and we all love the hands on experience. In class, we are drilling in screws or cutting metal and learning the exact method to do these things effectively.

Fun Fact: When cutting metal, usually the knife cuts when you push through the metal and so when pulling back you don’t have to exert force while still getting the same results!


Building hasn’t been the only part of our Greenhouse project. We also have to survey the land and decide the best possible place to put our greenhouse and other structures and detail this on Google SketchUp. Another component of building is figuring out the cost of all your materials and making a clear list of everything you need so that your admin can approve it and get the building underway! My fellow peers and myself have been hard at work figuring out the perfect materials list that includes all of our supplies needed such as different lengths of wood, different screws, and nails and the right amount of these materials while still keeping in mind a good budget. For the greenhouse, there wasn’t a clear materials list, we had to add up all the lengths of wood and then decided how many pieces of each standard length we would need and finally figure out the total cost of the materials from Home Depot.This may not have been the most exciting part of our greenhouse experience but it has been a good lesson in real world building, and at the Ann Richards school, we try to make it as authentic as possible!

Fun Fun Fact: Making the cost proposals are a lot of work and Ms. Jo prefers we do it.

Thanks for tuning in,

Shahar Ped


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