Monthly Archives: March 2015

Framing for the Future

Dear WordPress readers, It has been a long road since the start of our DAP with many different project ideas such as tiny homes, and tea houses and lots of bumps along the way concerning anything from climbing walls to chicken coop designs, but we are finally starting to see our hard work paying off […]

All a Weeks Worth of Work!

  Hello, Project VENTURA readers!  It is Shilah, updating you on the building happening in POE class!   As you may have heard from Briana we have finally started building the real parts of the greenhouse!  This week we sweated till we dropped creating the counter tops, tearing apart the old garden beds framing the greenhouse […]

Ready to Get Our Hands Dirty!

Hey everyone! It’s ya girl Briana reporting for duty! Many things have been going on after spring break even though only three days have past. The progress of this project is really good. We have learned many skills from building the dog house and now we are taking those skills and are using it to […]

Spring Break Doesn’t Break for Us

Hello Project VENTURA readers and enthusiasts, my name is Lucia and I am back again to bring you up to date on the latest happenings on our greenhouse. Last you heard, we were about to start framing the actual greenhouse and put aside our work on the doghouse. Well over Spring Break, six of us […]

And so it (almost) begins: our last day before the crazy comes in

Hello everyone, it’s Cypress from Ms. Jo’s Engineering class. Today we watched a film called If You Build It  about thirteen teenagers from Windsor, North Carolina that participate in an unconventional and untested pilot design class. The assignment is this: the teens must make something lasting for their community. The stakes are raised by the […]

Back on Track…..From Chihuahuas to Chickens & back to Chihuahuas again!

Hi everyone! This is Mikayla Neumeyer coming at you live once again from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders! These past few weeks have been crazy, especially with that snow blizzard that hit Austin and shut down AISD schools for the day. One problem that we have been facing is the weather….It is […]

Opening New Doors: A Tale of Glue, Clamps, and Upcycled Hinges

Hello, Project Ventura readers! We are still building the model of our greenhouse It may seem like we’ve been working on the model for quite a while(probably because we have been), but it’s important that we learn how to build things and make mistakes on a small structure that humans won’t enter. We don’t want […]