Back on Track…..From Chihuahuas to Chickens & back to Chihuahuas again!

Hi everyone! This is Mikayla Neumeyer coming at you live once again from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders! These past few weeks have been crazy, especially with that snow blizzard that hit Austin and shut down AISD schools for the day. One problem that we have been facing is the weather….It is our worse nightmare! You see, we are having to build outside because our dog house (former chicken coop) will not fit through the door frame of our Engineering class once it is all put together. And when the weather is terrible and we are not able to work on it, this sets us back a day and granted, we only have Engineering class every other day:(

Britton working on the siding of the doghouse

Britton working on the siding of the doghouse

So this leads me to my next point, the reason we are back on track, building with care, for your pup! We realized that the Make-O-Rama is coming up soon and we haven’t even started on our big, actual size, final greenhouse! Since we are all so smart and innovators, we have decided to wrap it up and make it a doghouse. This way, we won’t have to worry about the chicken wire, and the interior design. A doghouse is much simpler and allows us to finish this mini project in a timely manner so that we can get started on our soon-to-be-amazing greenhouse!

Chandler is back from Africa

Chandler is back from Africa

Not much happened during this most recent class. While trying to move forward, we also had to take apart some things since our model will no longer be a chicken coop. For example, Shahar and myself spent about 20 minutes trying to take apart the double door frame. The screws were stripped so we couldn’t use the screwdriver to take the screws out. We didn’t have a screw driver that fit the screw so we slowly had to hammer and use pliers to take the screws out carefully without cracking the wood and destroying the door hinges.


Ms. Jo using the staple gun very carefully

We also started on the siding of the doghouse and were thinking about possible insulation. We learn more and more each day about this dangerous/scary staple gun. The staple gun is what we used to bind the siding to our structure and all of us could notice the efficiency of the staple gun. #1 rule of using a staple gun…..Never put flesh on the other side!-Ms. Jo

That is all for now, stay tuned in for our finished model and our greenhouse building that is coming soon! Ta Ta for now.


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