Spring Break Doesn’t Break for Us

Hello Project VENTURA readers and enthusiasts, my name is Lucia and I am back again to bring you up to date on the latest happenings on our greenhouse. Last you heard, we were about to start framing the actual greenhouse and put aside our work on the doghouse. Well over Spring Break, six of us and Ms. Jo got together to begin framing.

Shahar works on the back wall and makes sure that each 2x4 is square.

Shahar works on the back wall and makes sure that each 2×4 is square.

Mikayla, Chandler, Briana, Shahar, Ms. Jo, and I all met at the school bright and early at 9 o’clock last Tuesday to begin the long process of framing the greenhouse. We began by breaking into groups of two to maximize efficiency. Shahar and I began by framing the back wall. Within an hour and a half we had finished the first piece of the greenhouse. Meanwhile, Mikayla and Chandler worked on framing one of the side walls while Mariel and Briana built the front wall.
We came into a couple of bumps in the road while building the frames including the small number of clamps available, waiting for the glue to dry, and the deformed shape of the 2×4’s. Though once we continued to repeat the same steps for each frame, things began to run smoothly.

The crew gathers for a nice break in the Project VENTURA trailer from last year.  PC: Ms. Jo

The crew gathers for a nice break in the Project VENTURA trailer from last year.
PC: Ms. Jo

As we continued to frame all sides of the greenhouse, we ran short on wood. Ms. Jo brought along Chandler and Mikayla to Home Depot to pick up some more 10 foot 2×4’s and some pizza from a local shop. The rest of us continued to work on the framing. When Ms. Jo came back, we all decided to take a nice break and enjoy some delicious pizza in the finished Project VENTURA trailer.
We came back to the portable where we had been working and finished framing the last wall. As each group finished, they began to work on the doghouse. While working on the doghouse, we continued to work on the siding on the house, but didn’t get too far as our time ran short. We still need to finish putting on the roof, finish the siding, and paint/weatherproof the structure before we are ready to give the doghouse away.
We finished our long day at 2:30 after completing the framing for all of the walls.
The rest of the week, Ms. Jo took it upon herself to start building some of the framework for the roof, putting us even further ahead than expected. This means that next class we will start the digging and leveling of the ground where the greenhouse will go! It is time to have fun and get down and dirty.
Thank you for reading and I hope you stay tuned to see what will happen next with our Project VENTURA greenhouse.


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