Ready to Get Our Hands Dirty!

Using power tools.

Using power tools.

Hey everyone! It’s ya girl Briana reporting for duty! Many things have been going on after spring break even though only three days have past. The progress of this project is really good. We have learned many skills from building the dog house and now we are taking those skills and are using it to build the real thing, the Greenhouse. I can’t wait to see the finish product. i guess we can say that’s the great thing about building. Watching how the plans in paper turn into something real and can be something great for the rest of the community. I’m really excited to share what we have accomplished so far.

If you haven’t notice the title, we will be digging up some dirt. We even put our

Dimensioning the land.

Dimensioning the land.

worn out jeans! Anyways, this part of the project is really essential. We first picked the place where it would fit perfectly. Although we had already taken plans of the land where we were given permission to dig, that day we needed to make sure where we were going to place our greenhouse. After that, we measured out the dimension of the land needed, where we could put down the greenhouse and of course, we said some words before shoving in the first shovel. The digging up of the soil is important because it cleans away all the weeds and plants that can grow in the future. We are also digging up to level the ground. Some of my fellow friends can I agree with me that that dirt is really hard to dig through but dividing and conquering is the best solution. One of us digs the ground and the other person will break the dirt that was being dug out. This makes everything more easy and lets the work load flow more smooth.

IMG_4155We still weren’t finished with the trusses. These are really important for the greenhouse because they have to attach correctly to the sides to create the roof but the girls did a fine job! They look awesome. Well as some people were breaking ground and others were building, other ones were bringing all of the frames to the site. It was a really heavy job I must say. We brought all the frames and covered them up in case it rains. The wood is pressure treated but we just want to keep them dry and nice.

Overall we can say that we have been really productive and before we know it, we will have our greenhouse standing up! Can’t wait!


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