All a Weeks Worth of Work!

Tearing up old wood to be reused!

Tearing up old wood to be reused!


Hello, Project VENTURA readers!  It is Shilah, updating you on the building happening in POE class!   As you may have heard from Briana we have finally started building the real parts of the greenhouse!  This week we sweated till we dropped creating the counter tops, tearing apart the old garden beds framing the greenhouse walls and screwing the first screw.  What an accomplishment!!

All this week we have been working very hard and it was lots of fun, but I think today was the best!  Today in class we began by taking a photo in front of our shoveled area kind of like a before picture.  And then we began the real work!  A group of us worked on building the interior of the greenhouse which consisted of

Framing the greenhouse!

Framing the greenhouse!

counters similar to the ones in the airstream.  The design is simple we plan to build a countertop all the way around the sides of the greenhouse and place an island in the middle to there is enough workspace for planting seedlings.

Another group used hammers, screwdrivers and muscle to tear out the old screws from the old garden beds.  With the old wood, we plan to reuse it for the tops of the counters.  This job was tricky because lots of the old screws were hard to get out so that was when we had to use our muscles to hammer them out.  We also had to be careful of the random ant piles and crickets that hid underneath the wood.

Screwing the first screw!

Screwing the first screw!


And finally the third group with Mrs. Jo began framing the sides of the greenhouse.  In this job, they got to screw the first screw for the greenhouse as you can see in the picture to the left.  Isn’t it so exciting!  When this group was done framing the greenhouse looked almost complete.

Now when I am bored in Pre-Cal I can stare out of the windows and see our beautiful greenhouse, slowly becoming a building of its own.  I am so excited to find out what our greenhouse will look like next week!  So, so long I can’t wait to tell you more about our awesome greenhouse!

All a weeks worth of work.

All a weeks worth of work.




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