Monthly Archives: April 2015

You Said it, Kermit

It really isn’t easy being green (or building a greenhouse!). As our class gets closer to completing the greenhouse, we are planning more for what will actually go inside (maybe counters made with recycled wood?) and we’re beginning to see its future as a place where people can have plants growing all year. This will […]

Everything is Coming Together!

Hello all! This is Mikayla Neumeyer here once again (and unfortunately for the last time) to talk to you about our progress on the greenhouse! Don’t forget that the Make-O-Rama is April 17th so if you can make it out, there will be a meet in greet with the builders of the greenhouse! YAY!  The […]

Raising the Rafters

Hello Project Ventura readers! A lot has been happening in the greenhouse lately. We framed the walls, attached the ridge pole along with the top halves of each side of the frame, weeded and de-grubbed the ground the greenhouse is on top of, and today we raised the rafters (well, half of them). Once we […]

New Friends?

We are now looking at what is soon to be our new Green House. Hello fellow WordPress readers, Mariel is back! We have made so many improvements and progress that are so close to being completely done. Over the last couple days we had finished framing, placed the side walls onto the lands, as well […]

Let’s Raise the Roof

Dear Project Ventura Followers, This is Chandler again, the student who posted the blog from abroad about a month ago. So as my fellow classmates have told you, we are constructing a greenhouse for our school. Yesterday we continued with our work on removing weeds from the interior of the greenhouse. It was a lot […]