Everything is Coming Together!

Hello all! This is Mikayla Neumeyer here once again (and unfortunately for the last time) to talk to you about our progress on the greenhouse! Don’t forget that the Make-O-Rama is April 17th so if you can make it out, there will be a meet in greet with the builders of the greenhouse! YAY! IMG_4534 (1)

The bad news is that this past class, I didn’t get to “accidentally” throw grubs at people while weeding, digging, and de-grubbing. I was stuck with the not so fun job this time instead of getting to screw the rafters to the greenhouse, Shahar and I were in charge of the roofing materials.


We as a class realized that the roofing material couldn’t be horizontally laid on the greenhouse because when rain would come in contact with it, the rain could get stuck. This meant that we needed to cut these plastic sheets in half so that we could arrange them vertically. We used the chalk box with the chalk line that you snap to give you a perfectly straight line. First of all, when we were given this tool, it was in the package still and Shahar and I had no idea how to put it together (there were about four different pieces). So we took it to Ms. Jo and she put it together for us. Secondly, we thought this tool would be very helpful but because of the shape of the materials that we were working with, the chalk wouldn’t make a red line in the “dips” of the plastic roofing. And thirdly, it was extremely hard to cut! The material was super thick and plastic and weirdly shaped. Let’s just say that I am excited to be in charge of screwing the rafters instead of the chalk box disaster this next class coming up.


Lately, we have been doing a lot of the same work over multiple classes so there isn’t really anything new and interesting:( I just hope that we continue to have great weather and don’t get caught by AISD! Ta Ta for now (or forever).


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