Cornerstone c/o 2018! – Carmen W

My 14 fellow POE students and I are super pumped about this years Cornerstone project and we cannot wait to get started building it. But before that we first have to go through the brainstorming, planning, cost analyzing and voting in order to end up creating the best design in the end.

As our mastermind teacher Ms.Jo has said before, the Engineering pathway has the coolest Cornerstone because we get to actually physically make something and leave our own personal implant on the school most of us have attended for almost 5 full years now.

Design a multi-use educational and social courtyard whose purpose is threefold. 1. to serve as an 11th and 12 grade courtyard 2. to serve as a place to display student work for tours 3. to serve as an self-guided educational tour.

We as engineering students are able to take the design statement above and turn it into something that will be seen and used by hundreds, probably even thousands of people that attend, or come visit our school.

Currently my partner Yvette and I are brainstorming, discussing and planning our ideas for the renovation of the courtyard by using free-hand drawings, Google Sketch-Up, Pinterest, as well as conversations with other people just to bounce ideas around. Because of the upcoming due date for our vision boards we are planning to split our responsibilities in order to be most efficient with our time. Below is a picture of one of our first rough sketches as well as an image taken by Ava of a few engineering students cleaning up the courtyard area.










 (Featured Image)

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