Design & Brainstorming – Dana N.

Project Ventura readers-

Hi! For those of you reading, it’s nice to meet you all. This is Dana, and I’m excited to show and talk to you all about this project we’re starting!

This past week our class started out with brainstorming, and so far it’s going pretty smoothly! My partner Claire and I have been using our Pinterest skills for something a little more worthwhile than cute pictures of piglets and delicious cookies (which, by the way, totally deserve attention), and we have made our own Pinterest account under the name “Star Village” for the project, where we’ve been pinning ideas we’d like to incorporate into our courtyard design.


Airstream Space (my photo)


This is the space along the building that we have to work with! (my photo)

Our design goal, which you can read more about in Maddy and Carmen’s posts, is to create a space for the upperclassmen at our school, using an assigned area on our campus. Right now, Claire and I are making our own designs in Google SketchUp, and we plan on later deciding the more practical and innovative one to present to the class for approval.


Google SketchUp design (my photo)

In my SketchUp design at the moment, I’ve included a roof for our Airstream trailer, as well as additional picnic benches for high school seniors and juniors to eat at. One thing I need to do is to go back out to the courtyard in person and to check out what the landscaping is like. If there’s a big pothole right where I want to put a bench, it’s not going to go so well!

A challenge in designing a project of this size is taking into account all of what’s already in place in the allotted space. Every class I’ve found myself needing new measurements and pictures of what we’re working with. Last class, Claire and I went back outside to measure and figure out the placement of the flower boxes (those three green squares in my model), and I ended up needing to move around some of my benches in my SketchUp design because they wouldn’t have fit there in real life.

Something that I’ve failed to add to my design, and that I plan on doing in the classes ahead, is a life-size chess board. We already have the chess pieces created by a student at our school – we just need somewhere to use them! It’s hard to choose where I want this placed, as there are pros and cons for each location. Under the tree would provide shade, but birds might make a mess of it. Placing it in the open would keep it cleaner, but the surface would also get hot. This is just the first of many obstacles my peers and I are going to face throughout this semester, but no proper project goes without a problem (or ten) to solve!

Thanks for checking in!


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