Revamp the Camp!-Claire L.

Hello readers! My name is Claire and I am an engineering student working on building a junior and senior courtyard at our school, along with my 16 person engineering class (Principles of Engineering). Two years ago the sophomores, now seniors, renovated an Airstream trailer that was supposed to be used as a teacher’s lounge. Sadly, the teachers never used it, but it will be put to good use after we revamp the space and make the Airstream and surrounding area into a junior and senior courtyard.


As you may have read in Dana’s post, she and I are partners and have created a Pinterest board (Star Village) to give us ideas for the courtyard. For part of the project, we have to create a “living Pinterest board” meaning a board to show others our ideas, and we thought we might as well create an actual Pinterest account to help keep our creative thoughts flowing! 

This past week we have been working on creating a design for the courtyard. We have had to measure the space we will be using and construct a realistic Google SketchUp of the area. Though we are not quite finished with our SketchUps and are still brainstorming components to add to the courtyard, this is what I have come up with so far.

unnamed.png(The circle represents a tree.)

The chessboard will be about 1 ½ ft. off of the ground. The benches seated next to the chessboard will fold into picnic tables, so people can be seated on the chessboard, as long as no one is playing chess, as well as the bench during lunch, or any other break time. The post with lines sticking out from it will be places for people to put hammocks that they check out from inside the Airstream. I came across $22.95 Byer hammocks that can be condensed into a small bag, which would be perfect for this purpose.

Last class, I noticed I was missing a few measurements, so I went back to the courtyard to measure where the gardens are and where the tree is. These measurements are vital in our Google SketchUps because we have to know that everything we decide to include can fit! We have so many ideas and limited space. Our assistant principal Mrs. Waugh gave us some suggestions of what we should add to the courtyard. She heavily pushed that we include fairy gardens and innovative benches (pictured below).


There haven’t been too many challenges yet, besides the times when Google SketchUp decides to freeze up, but we have yet to begin building! This project holds a lot of creativity, challenges, and dedication, but I can’t wait to keep pushing through!
Thanks for reading!


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