The Ventura Adventure – Annika L.

Hello all!  Annika here.  Welcome back to the Project Ventura blog!

By this point in time my classmates and I have dived head-first into this project, and boy, I can say I am loving the water!  I am so excited to see where we take this courtyard—I have been talking to my classmates and they all have fun ideas, from themes to innovative multipurpose designs of structures.

This week my partner Julie and I worked on designing and creating the layout of the courtyard.   We have planned potential designs using both our engineering notebooks and using Google Sketch Up.  I am not a skilled artist nor am I proficient at Sketch Up—yet – which made our journey extra entertaining as we laughed at our attempts to draw well.


If you have not seen it yet or would like a refresher, here is the space we have to design the courtyard in:



(Photos by me).

Julie and I have decided to place two large picnic tables in the space along the weight room and gym (small white building and brick building).  We want to be able to sit eight people at each table.  The tables are large because we want everyone to have enough space to sit comfortably with their friends/study group.  And, people will have the opportunity to meet and talk to people they may not have had a chance to get to know before!


Julie sketching potential places for the picnic tables while sitting inside the airstream. (photo by me)

Our plan also includes a mural on the white wall of the weight room.  Julie and I agree this would be a great way to display student work while bringing creative beauty to the courtyard.

Similar to Claire and Dana’s challenge (which you can read about here), Julie and my largest dilemma is space.  In order to incorporate everything we envision, the picnic tables, the giant chess board, the yoga space, and the pergola over the trailer, we need to be creative with our use of the limited space we have available.  Within our space constraints we are challenged to plan where each element will fit without either sacrificing the element, or making the element unusable because the space is uncomfortably tight.  But limited space is not our only challenge.  The ground we have to work with is uneven and we have to make it safe to walk on.  We also have to include the Airstream that is currently there, we need to create an environmentally efficient system that utilizes solar energy for power (i.e. to charge our electronic devices) and we need to make the space welcoming enough that students and guests are encouraged to go on a self-guided tour of the space.  Our next steps include going back out to the soon-to-be courtyard space and modify our designs based on spacing.

I am stoked to be able to be part of this project.  One of my favorite things to do is design layouts.  With all the challenges to overcome with the spacing limitations this project offers the perfect opportunity to play with my passion.

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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