Building isn’t just for the Sophomore Engineers. Makers Studio is a semester long course where you learn to “make”.  So far in Makers Studio I’ve learned to cross stitch, book bind, make mechanical toys using fisher techniques, and create garden letters.  Starting last week me and the other three students in my class (Ryanna, Kelsey, and Carmen) have been work hard to improve upon past Sophomores Engineering students corner stones, in order to  make them the best they can possibly be.  The photos are of my class improving “Project Ventura” by creating a platform made of garden letters to label “Project Ventura” that way our school can move to be a guild less school. Being a guide less school would allow visitor to come and visit our school without taking students out of there classes to give tours.

Another cool thing that comes with Makers Studio is Make-o-Rama, which is a school fair that encourages being green. During Maker-o-Rama students in each grade level are tasked to produce a beautiful dress made of recycled materials that represents there classes theme. Maker-o-Rama is important being it makes students come up with creative ways to minimize waste, and make students more aware of what they waste on a regular basis. Make-o-Rama also excites students to learn how to do things themselves, because they are taught during Make-o-Rama how to make things. This year one of our stations will be to bring in old t-shirts and turn them into bags.

Makers Studio has been such an amazing experience, and I know I will use all the things I have learned in my future career as an Engineer.


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