Design at its finest! -Esperanza D. 

Hello fellow readers! Welcome back Esperanza here. I will be talking to y’all about what me and my partner Kelsey have been working on this week and what our plans are to accomplish this week’s goals. So far this week my plan is to be done with my google sketch up by friday and to have started on our inspiration board. So far in the past week me and mypartner Kelsey have been working on our sketchup model of the how the court yard and the air stream look right now. The first day that we started working on the project we created a pinterest board and we researched some of the things that we would like to incorporate in our design. I would like to have a pergola in the courtyard because that would be a place designed for us to eat lunch and socialize with each other in the pergola I would like to have solar powered outlets because if somebody was doing homework and they needed to charge their phone or their computer the outlets would be available for them. The solar powered outlets would be like the one that it is shown in the following website: 
We have been using google sketch up since the 8th grade in our PLTW class. Therefore now it is easier to create our models because we already had a basic knowledge of how to use Sketchup. 

Our initial idea was to create an outdoor seating area in front of the brick walls next to where the tree is now at and the blue metal wall that’s shown in the pictures below would be painted all white so that we could create a movie screen out of it and make it an outdoor theater, but that idea wouldn’t have worked out because whenever the sun is out it would be difficult to see what’s being projected on the screen. Right now we are coming up with more ideas and so far we have thought about making the seating area and also having a pergola like I mentioned at the beginning. The pergola will have a garden at the top with several different types of Texas native plants. Below you will find some examples of pergolas that we would like to incorporate into our design. 




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