Sophomore Engineers at Work Julie A-b

Hi, I’m Julie and I’m up next to take on blogging for our class project. Now at this point, I’m sure you understand what my sophomore class has been working on. We are in the middle of a very large class project where we will be creating an informal place for juniors and seniors to unwind and have a place to eat, play games, and study. Along with the collaboration of my  partner Annika I’ve been able to come up with some really nice ideas for our possible courtyard. We’ve also gotten together within our class and collaborated on various ideas which has lead to a much closer group who all take amazing steps to helping each other.

This week Annika and I worked separately on necessary parts of our project. Where Annika is much more proficient in using a tool called Sketch-up where we create our designs I’ve been able to work better with finding pieces for our inspiration boards. Below are just a few of the courtyard ideas Annika and I found:

We have a very small yard so I may try this... DIY Garden Arbor Bench:    Even if you don't have a backyard or a spacious kitchen, you can have an herb garden using mason jars!Succulent Garden | 14 Simple Cinder Block Outdoor Crafts

So far Annika and I have been very open in our ideas. Though we have a basic idea of where things will go we have actually done away with the Chessboard that we had first planned for. We are now onto things like adding little extra things like creative gardens and seating. We have also enlisted in the help of multiple seventh-grade classes to really expand on our ideas.

Adding to what Annika said in her previous post we are currently facing the problem of space. We understand that while we do have a lot of space we must make sure that we do not overwhelm it and truly utilize what we have and not waste materials. We must also find ways to make the Airstream truly useable and space for people to use when they want and need. Ms.Jo as well wanted the implementation of QR readers to give those that come on our campus a self-guided tour of our school in a truly creative way. Our next steps are completing our inspiration board and getting ready to present them to our peers

I am more than ready to take on this challenge of creating a very amazing space along with my fellow engineering class. We are all working diligently to create a lasting impact on our campus for classes after us to use and every class period we use our time to the best of our ability. I am also really excited for the building phase where my true ability of hands-on work will really show through. I hope you stick with us until the very end to watch all of our project unfold.


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