Ideas, So Many to Choose From!-Yvette C.

Hi, my name is Yvette and at this point I am certain that my engineering classmates have ensured you about the project we were assigned. Just to refresh your brain, the sophomores of the engineering pathway are almost done with milestone one of our big project. Our project is to design and then make a courtyard where the upperclassmen will enjoy to relax, eat lunch, and have fun moments with their friends and peers. This courtyard has to be made up of our own ideas that will be intriguing to one’s eyes, which is the upperclassmen and administrators. In milestone one we have to construct an inspiration board full of the ideas our group (group of 2) have with pictures from SketchUp and pictures online with what we think should be in the courtyard.

My partner Carmen and I decided to have a giant chessboard so the chess pieces made by senior, Emma, would be put to use. We also decided to have tables that can become a bench easily, a giant Connect 4, a living wall, a place where someone can relax and read, and tables that will have outlets which will be charged by the solar panels on top of the airstream cover/roof. Carmen and I have came up with many ideas to incorporate into the courtyard but, at the same time, we are trying to keep a limit on what should go in the courtyard so we may not overflow it with too many designs. We have also gotten together as a class and notified many ideas that we had as a whole and ideas that came from one of our administrators, Ms. Waugh.

Throughout this week, Carmen and I decided to split the work for our inspiration board. Since Carmen is much more exceeding in using SketchUp, she is the one who designed our idea of what the courtyard should look like on SketchUp. Whereas I searched for ideas of what we should incorporate into the courtyard and searched for images of what each thing looks like such as the tables or the Connect 4. So far in this project Carmen and I have arised with multiple ideas and have compromised with which ideas should go on our inspiration board.

As a class, we have decided to ask the seventh graders to help us with one specific idea that came from Ms. Waugh. Ms. Waugh would like to incorporate fairy gardens in this courtyard and since we have lots of problems to solve on our hands, we have decided as a class to give the responsibility of making these fairy gardens to the seventh graders with some constraints. This will only happen if the idea of fairy gardens will get chosen to be in the courtyard.

A recurring problem faced by our class is how to limit our ideas with the amount of space we have. We all have noticed that we have a good amount of space to use but the problem is to not overwhelm the space with many things. We do not want the courtyard to seem “crowded” yet we want it to have enough things to fill up the space we have been provided. Another obstacle is to create a way to display students’ work because the hallways isn’t enough space. It seemed difficult to find a way to place students’ work in the courtyard but, Carmen and I may have come up with a solution. We have decided to make space within the tables such as a display table. Our idea is to put the student’s work in the table and cover it up with some type of plastic or acrylic so other students may admire the work and also if spills or rain were to occur it wouldn’t affect the work and it would stay intact.  We also found a way to make the airstream more useful to students by displaying their work in the airstream. While the work is amusing, peers can sit in the airstream and enjoy socializing.

Our next task is to finalize our inspiration board and make it look tolerable so we may present our inspirations amongst our engineering class. I am excited to present our ideas to the class so we may all come to a conclusion on which inspiration board is the best so we may use it as a reference to build the courtyard. We have all been inventive during this project and I can’t wait to hear all of my peers’ ideas.

Continue to be in touch with us to see how the courtyard turns out and which inspiration board is chosen. I am most certainly prepared to start building which is where I can show my interests in hands-on work which is what I love to do. This courtyard will be a success to today’s sophomore engineering class and will stick with the Ann Richards School once it is made.

Below are pictures of what Carmen and I wish should be in the courtyard. Click Here to go to my Pinterest to see more ideas of what we have for the courtyard.


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