Blog Post 1

During this week we worked on the board we had to create that explained our theme. We were really unsure of what kind of theme we wanted and what we wanted the theme to say about our ideas and plan for the courtyard.

The first thing we did was decide what we wanted in our courtyard. Seating was definitely the first thing we thought about because we knew we wanted it to be a place for the upperclassmen to sit during lunch to hang out with friends. Then we added lighting becuase we thought lanterns and outdoor lighting would really look nice. We also thought about a pergola becuase that would be an option for shade during the hotter days during lunchtime. Then we found really colorful picnic tables and decided we really liked the idea of colors and the idea of youth. This helped us decide on our theme of youth. We thought since it is for students it should be a place for people to have fun with their friends. We focused a lot on color at this point and adding as much color to the courtyard as much as it looked good.

Next we worked on our sketch up model. This was difficult becuase although I had used sketchup in the past it took some time to remember what tools did what and how to move things around. The computers we were using did not help either. Everytime I would try and move something it would either crash or take a couple minutes to do one simple task. It was quite frustrating but I managed to stay calm and try and work around the situation. My partner and I had to simultaneously work on finding images for the courtyard and then finding these items on sketchup to add them into our model.

We then just had to print our images and our model and write a short but nice description of our theme and what our idea was all about. Next was just placing the images on a poster board.





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