Courtyard Beautification

With the Sophomore engineering class doing our cornerstone project my partner Karen and I have decided to design a chess board and picnic tables or benches for the Senior and Junior courtyard.


This is the area we plan on putting the chess board

when we first got the project Karen and I looked around the area that was provided and we first decided to have a 10’x10′ mat so students can do yoga or play board games or even just to hand out on, but we realized that if we use something that could be damaged by weather like water or wind we decided to make a chess board about 11′ and have a small step so the whole surface is a deck. Which can be used for various activities such as yoga, checkers, chess, eating lunch, taking naps or socializing. We think cedar is the best for the wood for the chess board because it has a 10-15 year life span and also is pretty durable.

Our other ideas were making park benches and a few hammocks the benches that we had ideas of were making benches that could easily be turned into a picnic table.

Two bench seats fold into a picnic table

2 in 1 picnic table/ benches

We also had a idea of putting hammocks around the area, and ms. jo just showed us an idea of making about 7 posts for the hammocks so 7-13 students could hang out in the hammocks and it would looks like a huge spider web of hammocks.

-Taliah. R



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