Sketchup Complete-Karen Cramer

Hey, it’s Karen, I’m in 10th grade and in the Engineering pathway and as you probably know we are redesigning the airstream courtyard and turning it into a beautiful hangout for 11th and 12th graders. My partner Taliah and I have just finished our google sketchup designs. Most of the class is finishing up, if not they are already finished.


One of the big pieces of this project is coming up with ideas for multi-purpose items that we can put it the courtyard. Taliah and I have come up with some ideas such as park style benches that turn into picnic benches. A chess/checkers board with drawers in the corner to fit other outdoor games, and a hammock web. The courtyard will also include a small fairy village made by the Ann Richards 7th graders.


Another big piece of this project is creating an accessory that uses renewable energy, so after much contemplation Taliah and I decided on a solar panel charging station. This is basically a bench with outlets powered by solar panels on top of the covering.

Our courtyard is supposed to feel like a nice getaway where you can relax on the hammocks, chill in the airstream with friends, sit outside and eat lunch on a nice day, or sit at the charging station and charge your phone and computer while you work on assignments. We hope this design will make the courtyard a nice place to get away from the middle schoolers, the stress, and the work.


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