Decision Time- Carmen W

Hello engineering folks! It’s me again reporting to you from the comfort of my own home. Even though I’m not in my engineering class with Ms.Jo or even at school, I cannot stop thinking about our Engineering cornerstone project. Let me give y’all a few updates of what has happened.

Since the last time I blogged, my partner Yvette and I have brainstormed and thought about what it really is we want in our design for the new and improved courtyard space. Just today we pretty much finalized our inspiration boards with our design name, “Courtyard Boulevard”,  at the top. We chose this design name hoping that the people who saw our poster would get that same relaxing yet activity filled vibe that you would get if you were walking down a real tree lined boulevard, somewhere in California or Florida for example. dscf1828After gluing down our laser cut-out name, screenshots of  Sketch-Up drawings and other inspirational photos, I would say that our vision board looks pretty good. Though all the groups have mostly similar ideas of how to spruce up the courtyard, I enjoy looking at other peoples posters and seeing each designs quirks and trying to envision what they have envisioned to use the space for.

Now that all the vision boards are done, it is time for us to begin to communicate our ideas to administration and teachers to see if they approve of our plans. But first we must learn how to a design matrix. We are using a design matrix to help rank our designs on a scale to see which design best fulfills the criteria we have come up with after reading the design brief as a class.


The picture above shows an example of the design matrices we will be using to critique our design and chose the one which will be the best space for the upperclassmen.

Instead of just 5 designs though there is around 8 unique designs to analyze using the following criteria: aesthetic, layout, functionality, cost, environmentally friendly, and construction time. The one with the best score will be the one chosen.

I don’t know about the rest of my class but I know I am excited and anxious to see whose design will be chosen and I CAN’T WAIT to start building it, no matter whose design it is.


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