Matrix, Matrix On My Paper, Which Design is Worthy of Creation? -Maddy S.

Hello, fellow bloggers, it’s Maddy again. Since I wrote to you all last, some crucial planning decisions have been made. As Carmen mentioned, each set of pairs in our class has completed their inspiration boards, which I previously called a “living Pinterest board.” This allowed us to lay out how we envision the space to look, gain a better understanding of SketchUp (though it most definitely tested my patience, I am thankful for) and establish our aesthetic or theme. My partner Anais and I decided on the theme Avant-Garde(n), punny and fitting, I had to pat myself on the back for that one. The inspiration boards will be hung in the teacher’s copy room since they are on of our clients and it is a common space that they often visit. On our board we included photos of components we would like to include (such as succulent gardens, a multi hammock stand, weather protection for the Air Stream, a fairy garden and plenty of seating), snippets of our final SketchUp and a brief synopsis of our plan that will hopefully hook them; Come join us in our uplifting, and seemingly never ending realm of joy that unites retro styles of the 70’s with hip looks of today: Avant-Garde(n) will be a place you will visit and never want to leave. The array of native Austin succulents, mystifying fairy gardens, and an astonishing display of student work will surely make visitors feel welcome and at home, with areas for break-time chit-chat, or just relaxing in a breezy hammock. Come with a glass of fresh brewed iced tea and a good book, perhaps you might study with a buddy, or find your inner Buddha. The possibilities are endless in this enchanting piece of heaven that will be sure to delight all ages.



Source: Personal Photo

Tomorrow in class we will be working on a design matrix to select the best design based solely on client given constraints and not on opinion. As a class we decided on what we thought to be the six most important constraints; aesthetic, layout, functionality, cost, environmentally friendly, and construction time. Our decision will then be compared to the teachers and administrators vote to decide on the winning design that will be implemented! This means it’s finally time to put my hands on power tools, watch out! In addition to making this groundbreaking decision, one of my fellow classmates, Julie, has scheduled for a muralist to come tomorrow so we can discuss the possibility of painting a mural on one of the barren side walls of our school in the area we are designing around.





Because of the similarity between all of our designs, I am not partial towards the success of any of the designs. I’m truly just excited about starting to build and implement all of the planning we have been working on. With my humorous and spirit filled class, I anticipate nothing less than a wonderful and truly memorable several weeks worth of building.




Get ready for amusing construction anecdotes, in fact, I am already beginning to construct construction puns! That was a mouthful. Thanks for tuning in, I’m out!


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