Deliberate Designing-Claire L.

Hello engineering bloggers! This is Claire updating you on our progress this week. A lot has happened this week as we developed and decided on a final design. Soon, we can start researching the materials we will need to use, the basics of building, and eventually begin to build all of the components of our courtyard!

As of this week, we have successfully completed our first milestone! Yay! Our first goal was to create a vision board, as mentioned in previous posts. We had to use SketchUp to create a scale model of the courtyard and include what we wanted to have in it. I thought that the hardest part of this milestone was deciding on what to include in the courtyard. You may be thinking, “Really? If I was in high school and had the ability to create a courtyard with virtually anything I wanted in it, I would have so many ideas!” But honestly, I am thinking the same thing! Thousands of ideas will come to me once I am sitting in the finished courtyard at the end of the semester and I will wonder why I didn’t think of them before. To be fair, I did have a good amount of ideas, but they didn’t take up very much space (for example, a chalkboard wall, pillows and cushions to have in the trailer, etc.). I think I was a little too space oriented rather than creativity oriented (I mean, I could’ve included a roller coaster and a full on McDonald’s in our design, but I decided on chalkboard paint and trellises instead).


Final four vision boards (my photo).

We completed our vision boards last week, with ideas from Pinterest, our brains, and other high schoolers. Everyone was able to laser cut their team name, which made our boards look neat and clean. Mine and Dana’s team name was Star Village because our mascot is a star and we thought village sounded cute. Today we talked about the final name for the courtyard. We tried compiling components of all of the team names into the final name, but we couldn’t decide on one idea. Because our mascot is a star and we hear the generic word “star” a lot at school, we have decided to come up with a more scientific, astronomical word for the name. Though we haven’t decided on one specific astronomical term yet, we will definitely have one soon.


Final tallies for the design matrixes (my photo)

Last class, we presented our projects and scored them based on the criteria we chose for our design matrixes, which Maddy mentioned in her post. Today, we tallied up each design matrix to see whose design won. Sadly, mine and Dana’s design came in last place, but it’s okay because the winner was Maddy and Anais’s group “Avant Garde(n).” Even though their wonderful design was the winner, all of the groups had fairly similar designs, so we are combining ideas for the final project. We also took a mini field trip to the courtyard today to visualize where everything would go–the chess board, benches, fairy gardens, etc.

This project keeps getting better and better! Now that I have an idea of where everything is going and what it is going to look like, it all seems very real and coming up very fast. This is Claire, signing off!


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