Integrating STEAM into courtyard-Ava L-S


Maker Studio’s Class goes to savers to buy t-shirts in order to test out personalize shirt station for Make-O- Rama.

This school year 2015-2016 the Ann Richards School has focused its efforts on integrating  more artwork into it’s campus in order to become a  STEAM school. A  major change to our campus has been the removal  of our unused and clunky lockers. The locker’s removal widened the hallway at least three feet, that means we gained one and a half feet on both sides.The removal of the lockers has also allowed for newly smoothed and painted walls to display student artwork. Now when visitors walk our halls on tours they are able to witness all the student’s beautiful work.

With this STEAM push more and more classes are integrating art into there curriculum, for example: In my English class we made codices to help identify the most important events in each chapter & in my  PreCalculus class we are currently integrating  our Polar graphs unit into a 3D art display project.

Now that more and more classes have an artistic elements we will soon run out of space on campus, which brings me to the Integration of STEAM into 11th and 12th grade courtyard.

In Annika’s latest post,DIVINE DESIGNS, she mentioned Yvette Castro’s and Carmen Whitten’s  idea of having display tables. With these display tables more student artwork will be able to be admired by fellow sisters.

We also hope to expand upon having display tables to having self lead tours. Our goal of a self guided tour of our school incorporates the  STEAM way because, the STEM portion comes in with the programming  the speakers to play  prerecorded auto, and the art aspect comes in with the artwork that is by the guided tours and likely discussed in tours. The move towards a self guided tour is to minimize the amount of time students miss important class work time,  giving campus tours to visitors. We will soon be working on the self guided tours once we break up into our three groups: air stream cover, games and hammocks, and seating (benches and tables).

I’d like to conclude this blog post by expressing my amazement by the level of STEAM integration we’ve had so far this year. I’d like to say  Make-O-Rama has played a contributory roll to the Ann Richards school’s transition to STEAM, because Make-O-Rama has been an event that’s displays student work since its beginning as EnviroFair, which has been a whole school event for at least 4 years. I can’t wait to see what else we accomplish this school year alone.


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