Oh the Places You’ll Go! -Ryanna H

Hello fellow revamp junkies and day dreamers! Its ryanna again and since we’re just getting back from the weekend I’d like to talk about the time it takes to really sit back, relax, and let your imagination take over. After Ava and mines design wasn’t in the top 4 in the class, I started to look at the different designs that were chosen, to see what they had in common and what we might have missed out on in our own design. After careful examination of layout, materials, theme and incorporated parts I came to a very important conclusion: all of the designs were completely unique. And then I looked at the 4 designs that were left and came to the exact same conclusion. Personally I think that’s pretty outstanding. The fact that we had very specific criteria, and a limited amount of space, yet each team was able to come up with a unique design is a feat of the human imagination that blows me away every time I think about it.

As Muhammad Ali once said “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” Needless to say the girls I am fortunate enough to be working along side have no end to their imagination. By far one of the most inspiring parts of our cornerstone so far has been being able to sit at my computer and be a part of an honest, impromptu discussion about hammock configuration or the best type of wood to use. I’ve noticed that as individuals we each have these fantastical ideas of a larger than life courtyard, but once we get together we end up generating ideas worth so much more than anything one of us alone could do. That’s why this next section of the project is going to be so fun.

The next phase of our project comes in researching and ordering the materials for the project. We are splitting up into 3 teams. One group will be in charge of building the roof for the airstream, another group will be in charge of building the life size chess board and hammock structure and, the last group will be in charge of building the picnic tables. Right now you’re probably thinking  “an entire group dedicated to building 3 picnic tables? That doesn’t seem like that big of a task.” Well, like I was saying, we have some crazy cool brainstorm sessions and the last time we were together we decided to build 3 pergolas with walls, so that the courtyard could function, rain or shine!  The first thing we have to do as groups are decide what we want to build and what it’s going to be made out of. To make the best decisions, everyone is doing extensive material research on Plywood, wood beams, various power toolsscrews et cetera.

 Afterward we get to order everything and get to building. It’s going to be a lot of long weekends and pizza, but how can I complain? Engineering is something that I love and going through a full scale engineering project is so rewarding.



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