Monthly Archives: March 2016

Milestone 2!-Julie A-b

Hey! So it’s me, Julie, back again to give you the low down of how my engineering class has been going. Now as many of you might have remembered from the many previous blog post we have recently finished out vision boards that we’ve all been working on. We also got a great chance to present […]

How to Not Cut Off Your Finger With a Pull Saw – Kelsey A.

A habit has been formed due to the necessity of completing as much school work as possible in the morning. With the nearing of the UIL Theatre Zone Performance on March 12 (Daisy Pulls It Off, presented by the Blue Star Theatre at the Austin PAC, we are the third play and shows start at […]

Blog Post 2: Nettie Comerford

This past week in engineering we went through a series of projects to determine which project depending on the idea board we wanted to go with as a class. This session allowed us to get feedback on our designs aswell as look at other people’s ideas on the courtyard. It qmwas interesting to see the […]