Blog Post 2: Nettie Comerford

This past week in engineering we went through a series of projects to determine which project depending on the idea board we wanted to go with as a class. This session allowed us to get feedback on our designs aswell as look at other people’s ideas on the courtyard. It qmwas interesting to see the similarities of the different projects. I personally really liked Carmen and Yvette’s project becuase I thought it was clear what they wanted, their presentation was really easy to follow and they had a modern cool design. Next we went over which parts of each projects we liked and thought of how we could incorporate each into the final product. I thought each project had its own unique feature that added something new for us to think about. It was fun to instantly be able to see how cool it would look out in the courtyard with the sketch up models we did. Overall the week helped me better understand the project and what I wanted to see outside. It helped to see myself outside and what I would enjoy instead of thinking of it as just another project.

We also began our training today on tools and tool safety. We read through papers talking about each tool, what it’s purpose is and what safety precautions it came with. I realized how little I really knew about all that goes into installing a wall and all the work that goes into roofing. Mrs. Joe had us take a pre test testing our knowledge to see how much we knew before reading. I was very unsure of a few questions and had no idea that 2 by 4s were actually smaller and only very old buildings are actually made with actually sized 2 by 4s. Mrs. Joe also gave a brief showing of the equipment used for drilling and when to use certain components to your advantage. I better understood things I had been taught in the past and learned a few new tricks. I also forgot to mention we aswell learned about sawing and how to saw correctly straight down in order to get a clean cut using the clamps to your advantage.




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