Milestone 2!-Julie A-b

imageimageHey! So it’s me, Julie, back again to give you the low down of how my engineering class has been going. Now as many of you might have remembered from the many previous blog post we have recently finished out vision boards that we’ve all been working on. We also got a great chance to present them to each other and give each of our own point of view on ideas of what to combine together. Then we got to outside and look at the possibility of where things would go and come up with the name for our new courtyard. (Some more interesting than other ones 😉 )

Then in the most recent class period, we started working on our power tool knowledge which was an amazing refresher after a long time away from working with power tools. We are also doing really important parts to get ready for making our courtyard. Our teacher has decided that with all of this we will also be taking a couple of tests to help us grasp how important each of the power tools are.

I’ve definitely seen all of us grow the most over the past few days in each Engineering class period we have. From learning how important each tool is to figuring out what is the most effective way to use the space given each of us has our own unique part to add to the courtyard. So stay with us for a while until you see the end.


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