From Mega Stress to Mega Success- Ryanna H

This years cornerstone has been a long time coming and were finally in the last stretch, of course every time I say this at the beginning of class we run into yet another complication which pushes the project back even more…. so knock on wood!  If someone were to hear about all of the complications we ran into like missing drill bits, lack of lumber, and flat stones that weigh more than some of our team, you’d wonder how we haven’t all gone crazy yet, but I think we have, and thats whats made this project so spectacular. We each generate these crazy out of the box ideas, that when put into action actually come out really amazingly.

Some of my favorite ideas this far have been to attach letter garden boxes to the wall to create a living word wall. FullSizeRender Another cool thing were doing is building a middle platform in-between the two decks that sits inside of a sand box, instead of screwing deck boards into a frame, with joists, supports and deck blocks, as we did with the other decks. Im not going to lie, at first these ideas seemed impossible but now that were almost done and have worked through each little mini project the final product that we are going to produce is going to be bounds above anything we could have come up with as individuals on google sketch up.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this project for me happened about a week ago. My friends and I were eating lunch on the decks, because we had just finished building the tables and wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day. About half way through lunch a group of 4 seniors came out and sat on the deck adjacent to us. It was so amazing to see other people using what we had built and it filled me with so much joy to know that other people saw the potential in our work. Despite all the ups and downs, freak out group texts, and stress that our class faced  redoing the courtyard, I think its safe to say that its become a mega success!


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