The Final Countdown- Maddy S.



Yanis A.

Hello, fellow bloggers it’s Maddy again. It has been a while since I wrote last and between then and now, a lot has happened! We are in the final days of construction and I feel so proud. It has been a wonderful journey to see some of my peers transition from being afraid of power tools to becoming totally fearless. We have grown in confidence, skill and independence and have really become a tight-knit family that I am excited to spend these next two years of engineering with.



Enough with the soppy run on about my engineering buddies, we are almost there! We have leveled (let me tell you, that is a process) and built three decks, two of which have benches and a table with umbrellas and one that is for yoga, games etc. We are still in the midst of building our last and final deck that connects the two decks with benches. This deck is being made out of excess wood, so instead of making the deck with horizontal planks of wood like we did the other ones, we are cutting smaller vertical chunks of wood that will be tightly spaced within the frame which was leveled with extra rubble from placing the flagstone path, which also turned out really nicely. The flagstones were really heavy, making them hard to arrange but they make our courtyard look really professional! 



Yvette C.

One of the smaller, more artistic parts of our project that I like the best is the word wall surrounding the chalkboard that Ryanna H. and I made today! The decks with benches and tables are oriented as to where they face a blank wall, so we decided that we could make this area an outdoor classroom by simply creating a crushed gravel platform where a teacher could stand and hanging a chalkboard. And, with the extra letter garden boxes from the ‘PROJECT VENTURA’ sign, we decided to decorate around the chalkboard with words that describe our school such as ‘grit’ and ‘lead’.




Ava L.S.

With only two class periods left to finish, I am feeling bittersweet about the end of this project. I know it will be a place I will enjoy spending my time these next two years and I am very grateful for the many memories and learning experiences I have gained coming out of this project. I am eagerly anticipating  sun basking in our new hammock!


Thanks for tuning in, I’m out!



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