And so were done-ish

Welcome back amazing readers to the longest most whiplash causing, splinter giving, pilot hole driving, sore limbs causing, friends forever creating project.

Each and every day we were tasked with something. A day never went by that someone wasn’t cutting wood, leveling a deck(dirt or wood we don’t discriminate), vacuuming the airstream, screwing in deck boards, eating pizza, or watching the stars till nine, just kidding we didn’t do much star gazing but we definitely worked till we saw stars. The middle deck was what I was the proudest of, though. We took recycled wood that we had cut and weren’t usable and then place them into the deck by you guessed it…Leveling!

25831503914_b7d79ec94c_m.jpgHonestly, this project will stay in my mind and will be the thing I tell my kids for because of a multitude of reasons.

1.The bonds I developed along the way with people that I could honestly call my sisters.26436356515_95e2c2a5a7_z.jpg

2.How much work and effort that went into this whole project

3. We still need to finish the hammock which is honestly my  second favorite part

4. Because Ms.Jo shared her wisdom with us whenever possible.26344016812_04ac06952c_b.jpg

5. Finally, because there’s so much space left to be used and revitalized for future classes and I hope one day I get the chance to come back and do even more construction projects around the school.


So thanks, to each and every one of you that followed us on our journey through this courtyard. To the friends I’ve created bonds with I say thank you for yelling at me when I was being crazy. To Ms.Jo and her awesome bud, Max the two of you made our project that much more amazing. To the judges I hope you truly enjoyed our project and to all those that have and will have an impact on our courtyard you are what makes this our legacy so enjoy to your fullest.



Sophomore class of 2018 signing off til we meet again



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