The End is Nearing in Engineering- Taliah R.

Hello everyone whom has followed our amazing journey of the joyful struggles of this years sophomores engineering class. IMG_5986

The project we accomplished was not ever set in stone but that’s ok because we learned how to fix our mistakes and honestly with out having a plan we made this project the best most beautiful decks, awning, garden, stone walkway, ever.





We just finished our presentation today (May 24th) which I think we all did great on and I’m glad to say we are done-ish, we still have a few things to do which can and will have to be done in a tiny amount of time, but who’s to say we can’t get it done? We got 98% of our project done in about 8 weeks, which seemed impossible then but now we could probably do all if it again in 5 weeks.



I can honestly say that this project will probably be the best project I will ever do, just because of the people I worked with who made it great. Even when we were struggling and saw the end further away someone would say Pixie Ho Ho’s and it was suddenly better. IMG_2040

It is s so great to see the outcome of many people’s ideas that’s what I think makes engineering so great, we can build off of our imaginations.

I’m glad that we made it through this project, Ms. Jo helped us a whole bunch and we are forever grateful for her help also props to her with her amazing Ann Richards art piece. I am very happy that I formed the bonds with my fellow classmates, I have grown closer with them and I am positive to keep these tight bonds with them for the following years to come, love y’all Pixie Ho Ho’s, Ehhhgineering for life


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