ARS Engineers get the job done!! -Yvette

As you may have heard from all the blog posts done before mine, this DAP was a HUGE success and an unforgettable project. I am so proud of my engineer class and out of all the stress, being irritated with leveling, working long hours gaining weigh from eating pizza on Friday nights created the strongest bond between each and every one of us. Working late at night was worth it because of the outcome we created. We left the panel of judges in awe even though the presentation itself was rushed the night before we had to present. This DAP is the best DAP there has ever been because of the girls who helped make this courtyard and put in the work to have an aesthetic courtyard! Our assignment was to make a courtyard that will last a lifetime but instead I think we created a bond that will last forever. During this project we yelled and screamed together, probably cried at times, had the same level of stress and all these mixed emotions created a great courtyard.

This DAP created unforgettable memories such as Ava being our own Hulk, Julie being most likely to twerk while we work, and all the teamwork and effort put into this courtyard. During the project, everyone was helping each other. We would all alternate on leveling the decks, placing the flagstones, planting trees, and putting up the hammock. I’m very proud of the courtyard even though some flagstones broke along the way but hey, some of us had to release our stress somehow. This DAP project made our advisory have the strongest relationship an advisory can ever have. We had moments where we had to go on a scavenger hunt to find scrap wood to finish our herb bed, sneaking into the maker space without safety goggles to get a wrench (sorry about that), and also roaming around the school trying to find a custodian so we may use the ladder. These hours of work were filled with laughter, sighs, screams, yells, and any type of emotion you can think of while building a courtyard for the eleventh and twelfth graders.

And let’s not forget about the best engineering teacher Ms. Jo! As we have all stated we were very stressed throughout this project but imagine the stress Ms. Jo had to face. She was a great teacher for being inexperienced in building decks. Just give her a book that shows how to build a deck and BAM! She knows how to get it done with our help. We acreated a strong bond with Ms. Jo such as becoming the pixie ho hos, eating pizza every Friday night, having a ground breaking ceremony before building by digging a small hole into the ground and burning flowers and herbs, and just having our small engineering moments.

This class is a class I will never forget and a journey I am glad I went through with my engineering class. We have all created a bond that will last forever and will always refer back to the memories we have of creating this courtyard. Pixie ho hos together forever, I love you guys!


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