Courtyard complete-Karen cramer

After all the hard work, late work nights, stress, and fun our courtyard is finally complete. Although this project was very stressful I think we can all agree that it was a journey worth taking. We bonded as a family, shared in the fun, and now we can all enjoy our hard work everyday. Although this project had its challenges, being the most creative, innovative, problem solvers we are, we were able to push through them to make something beautiful.

We wowed the judges with our hard work and resilience, I noticed the judges nodding and laughing at all of our slides you could see in their faces they were impressed at how easily we could talk about our courtyard. Now, because of how much work we put into it, we can answer any questions about it. We will be able to sit out there and remember all of the work we did leveling the decks, moving and re leveling the decks laying the flagstones *cough* stealing *cough* wood from the middle schoolers and so much more. Through all the challenges we had fun and we created a bond stronger than any other pathway or class will ever have.

We are problem solvers, we are the creators of the future, we are pixie ho ho’s.




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