Nettie:Last Blog Post: and finishing of an amazing project

The DAP Engineering project was an unforgettable project that will stick with me for a long time for many reasons. Although the project itself is finished, and our engineering class only has two years left together (sadly), we will forever have a strong and unforgettable bond as a class. The project in a summary was to create a courtyard that would last a long time and be a place for high schoolers to be separated from the middle schoolers, and a place to relax and chill with our friends. The project was from the get go a definite excitement, we were actually getting to do a project that would give us something rewarding, a fun place to sit and chat with our friends. The project would be very hands on and lots of hard work. This hard work and sweat, however, never got in the way of our classes motivation and grit to finish a project we started.

Not enough credit is given as well to our amazing teacher Mrs. Jo for creatively putting together such a tough and tiring project all by herself. Her “inexperience” (as she put it, but she was more knowledgeable of all of the techniques of building than many of us were) and our inexperience made this project a very important learning experience. Trial and error was a major part of this project and it made us put our heads together and figure things out on our own. As we grew more knowledgeable and skilled in what we were doing, we noticed our accomplishments and noticed how the obstacles seemed to be getting smaller and smaller for us to overcome. By the end we were tired and happy to be done with such a rewarding project.  When we recently presented our projects to the judges, I was at first and I could tell my classmates were too, very nervous and tense. As the presentation went along I started to realize how much we had actually accomplished and I felt comfortable when I was talking about our work. By the end when we were done and answering questions, the proud and amazed look in the judges eyes when looking at all we had done caused us to explain to the judges on a more conversational level how we finished this project. While eating the donuts and bagels with my great group of friends after the presentations were over and our project was coming to a halt, I cannot explain the pleased feeling of happiness and the gracious feeling of being surrounded by such motivated and hilarious friends I got to share this years engineering experience with.

Although I could explain in depth what the project was and the logistics of the process of building, I would much rather explain what I’m sure I and most of my class could agree was the best part of the project. Our friendship. Never once when I first decided to join the engineering pathway did I think I would grow such an amazing friendship with my class. My class is the smallest group of the pathway courses, only consisting of 16 people. Last year we bonded through just being in such a small class, sitting out in portable. The portable was all fun and games until a tornado hit Texas. Being outside, the announcement for everyone to, “COME INSIDE THERE IS A TORNADO,” didn’t reach the old, technologically outdated portable, so we had to run in the thrashing wind and rain. This was not even the funnest part, all our work on the constantly crashing and reloading inventor had to be saved, so instead of saving ourselves we decided to pray and click save as many times as possible before running inside. This is something we all still find funny today, probably funnier than it actually was in the moment. 🙂 It was times like these this year that really brought us all together. This year only got better, like the time Ms. Jo had lit a piece of rosemary and gave a speech at the beginning of building for ceremonial and hopeful purposes (definitely the most interesting beginning of a project), or the time we totally WON the project runway for some strange reason by creating a “masterful” piece of “dress” by throwing a bunch of plastic animals, fur, and black splattered paint onto a hula hoop shaped structure, oh and it was also literally a volcanic ensemble, or the time we named ourselves the pixie ho hos, or even just the small things like Ava’s everyday hugs for everyone and me falling when I dumbly attempted to walk across the 4×4 pegs, or the inspiring times Mrs. Jo would yell, “Keep working!”

All in all this project has made me realize how important his group is to me and how much I have loved working with them and Mrs. Jo. I love this pathway more than any other projects I have done so far and had made me excited for years to come in the pathway. I have made true friends through this experience and that is a very important aspect to get out of a project that I hope I can have in other groups later on in life.

PS. and important motivational quote texted to us by Mrs. Jo the night before our presentation….”Look, if you had, one shot , or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever anted. In one moment Would you capture it, or just let it slip. Yo. You better lose yourself in the music, the moment You own it , you better never let it go (go).”


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