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Whale We Ever Finish?- Maya Nunez, Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello for the final time Project Ventura followers! Yep, you heard (or read) me correctly that this is the final and last blog entry that I will be posting for the year. Don’t worry its not because zombies came down and eat our entire class making it to where we can’t finish the amazing airstream. […]

Fans of FLOR–Gus Dexheimer, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabs

Alright AdVenturers. We’re officially coming down the homestretch. We are almost finished, with just three weeks left in the school year and even less time until our big presentation on May 23rd. To give you a brief update, we just finished the first drafts of our chapters for the eBook, which outlines our journey and tells […]

We are Almost There!!! Maya Nunez Vedastein Design Company

Welcome back fellow Project Ventura viewers! Once again its Maya for Vedastien Design Company. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! We officially  have 2 weeks until the Project Ventura is done and we have the  kick off party on May 23rd were the final trailer will be revealed were the engineering class will be presenting in front of faculty, […]

Paneling towards the finish line! -Maya Nunez Vedastien Custom Design Company

Hello once again Project Ventura Followers, I hope everyone is doing well this fine day. We are on the home stretch as we finish up the airstream. So we have gotten a lot done over the last two weeks and we are really moving forward with this amazing and beneficial redesign of the airstream that […]

Reuse Reduse and Recycle – Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design

Hello fellow streamers, I’m back and with so much to tell you. From reusing to building and painting. We have done so much in the few that I have not blogged.  Let’s start on reusing things. Okay so let’s talk about the reusing of things that you can use in the re-making of the airstream. […]

Clean, Green Living Machine! Jordan Smith – Jedi Design

  Hello all and welcome back! I feel like I haven’t talked to you all in a very long time! Mariah and Matt has left to go off and do their tour and Pam is back at ACC so we are basically on our own. While being on our own we have come so far! […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!! Maya Nunez Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello fellow Project Ventura followers!! Maya Here! First off I just want to point out that we only have about 2 months of school left and Project Ventura is due May 19th so we are almost to the finish line with this project and I want to say THANK YOU for those who have followed […]