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The End is Nearing in Engineering- Taliah R.

Hello everyone whom has followed our amazing journey of the joyful struggles of this years sophomores engineering class.  The project we accomplished was not ever set in stone but that’s ok because we learned how to fix our mistakes and honestly with out having a plan we made this project the best most beautiful decks, […]

Presentation & Celebration- Dana N.

Hooray! We’ve completed our project! Well, we still have some work to do outside, but we’ve presented to a panel of judges, and it all went wonderfully with only a few minor mishaps. Each one of us was responsible for presenting one slide of the presentation, and we have been preparing what we were going to […]

Whale We Ever Finish?- Maya Nunez, Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello for the final time Project Ventura followers! Yep, you heard (or read) me correctly that this is the final and last blog entry that I will be posting for the year. Don’t worry its not because zombies came down and eat our entire class making it to where we can’t finish the amazing airstream. […]