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Slow and Steady Wins the Race!! Maya Nunez Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello fellow Project Ventura followers!! Maya Here! First off I just want to point out that we only have about 2 months of school left and Project Ventura is due May 19th so we are almost to the finish line with this project and I want to say THANK YOU for those who have followed […]

Cowgirls in Airstreams!- Itzel Ruiz from Jedi Design Team

Welcome back blog readers. During spring break I was downtown for SXSW a lot and I got to see around 10 different repurposed Airstream that were use as food trailers, a lounge for the Artists to have food in, and there were even some bands performing in them to live stream the performances to the […]

Let’s Get Physical Physical , LuLa Custom Design, Lucy Saucedo

Hello, my beautiful followers. I’m back and with so much to tell. This week there was so much that happened. We are now officially starting Milestone number 3, which I am very excited about, because we get to really get physical and start doing hard work on the Airstream. But on Wednesday we had a […]

Cutting it close – Jordan Smith Jedi design

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back from the break that was very well needed. I hope everybody is still doing good and is still interested in this amazing project that is finally coming to an end and beginning. I say this because milestone 2 has now been finished. We we’re doing good the whole time, and […]

By Golly, I think I got it!!!- Vedastein Custom Design Company, Maya Nunez

Hello and welcome back viewers. Hopefully everything has been going well since and now you are ready to jump on board for more Project Ventura fun. First off, I want to thank everyone who has been viewing our blogs on the behalf of our entire engineering class. It’s so great to have so many people […]