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Ready to Get Our Hands Dirty!

Hey everyone! It’s ya girl Briana reporting for duty! Many things have been going on after spring break even though only three days have past. The progress of this project is really good. We have learned many skills from building the dog house and now we are taking those skills and are using it to […]

New Surprise!

I’m sad to inform you that unfortunately we will not be doing the free-standing climbing cavern, which sounded really exciting of course but for some reasons, we won’t be building it. Although, like my friend Lucia mentioned in the last post, our project is still going to be based on the principles of engineering,  which […]

Reuse Reduse and Recycle – Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design

Hello fellow streamers, I’m back and with so much to tell you. From reusing to building and painting. We have done so much in the few that I have not blogged.  Let’s start on reusing things. Okay so let’s talk about the reusing of things that you can use in the re-making of the airstream. […]

Let’s Get Physical Physical , LuLa Custom Design, Lucy Saucedo

Hello, my beautiful followers. I’m back and with so much to tell. This week there was so much that happened. We are now officially starting Milestone number 3, which I am very excited about, because we get to really get physical and start doing hard work on the Airstream. But on Wednesday we had a […]

Let’s light it up ! Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design Team

        Hello fellow readers, I’m back and better than ever. In this blog I will be talking about what we did last class because this class was a shortened class so we worked on Google sketch up. I will also be doing a little bit of research on circuits because according to […]

The Truth about Garden VENTURA

Having a garden at home is not very hard. In this project my group has to design a garden for a trailer. In this project ,Garden VENTURA we are helping the tenth graders with their project, they have to design the inside of the trailer for the teachers. The tenth graders are our clients in […]

Community First!

Community First is an amazing organization that helps the chronically homeless get housing by helping them realize the skills that they had all along and using those skills to pay for the communitys eco-friendly housing. These housings are made by volunteers and members of the community,  though they also have a garden, chickens, rabbits, and […]