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The End is Nearing in Engineering- Taliah R.

Hello everyone whom has followed our amazing journey of the joyful struggles of this years sophomores engineering class.  The project we accomplished was not ever set in stone but that’s ok because we learned how to fix our mistakes and honestly with out having a plan we made this project the best most beautiful decks, […]

Final Fun- All done! – Annika L.

Hello all!  Annika here again.  As you may have read about in Dana’s blog, this morning we presented various topics relating to our project to a panel of judges.  Topics such as SketchUp, our design matrix, materials, and the aggravating process of leveling were covered.  I was in charge of discussing the client and design […]

The Final Countdown- Maddy S.

  Hello, fellow bloggers it’s Maddy again. It has been a while since I wrote last and between then and now, a lot has happened! We are in the final days of construction and I feel so proud. It has been a wonderful journey to see some of my peers transition from being afraid of […]

Research & Brainstorming – Dana N.

As you’ve probably read in Claire and Annika’s latest blog posts, we’re past Milestone 1 in our design process! Claire and I’s design (sadly) did not make it to the top four, but those that did I believe were some of the best presented to us this last Wednesday. The next part of our design process […]

Matrix, Matrix On My Paper, Which Design is Worthy of Creation? -Maddy S.

Hello, fellow bloggers, it’s Maddy again. Since I wrote to you all last, some crucial planning decisions have been made. As Carmen mentioned, each set of pairs in our class has completed their inspiration boards, which I previously called a “living Pinterest board.” This allowed us to lay out how we envision the space to […]

A Plethora of Ideas – Kelsey A.

First off, I would like to introduce myself. I am Kelsey, I am tall, awkward, and in the engineering pathway. Second, I would like to mention that I am a very unphotogenic person meaning that I do not look nice in photos or take very good photos. Without further ado, I would like to now […]

Design & Brainstorming – Dana N.

Project Ventura readers- Hi! For those of you reading, it’s nice to meet you all. This is Dana, and I’m excited to show and talk to you all about this project we’re starting! This past week our class started out with brainstorming, and so far it’s going pretty smoothly! My partner Claire and I have been […]