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Time to Venture off from Project VENTURA- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hey everyone, welcome back to another blog about Project VENTURA! So things are pretty much  winding down around here with only 3 weeks until the end of this Principles of Engineering class. We’ve all basically just been working on our e-book chapters and our reflections over Project VENTURA. We will have one final Saturday workday […]

The Colors of the Airstream- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hello everyone, and welcome to another blog that will take you into the day to day process of our final milestone of Project Ventura! So we’ve still been hard at work with our e-book chapters for Milestone 3. Since my team is in charge of the ‘Making Models: Scaled Model of Floor Plan’ I’ve basically […]

Operation C.O.U.C.H. challenge accepted- Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello, my fellow ‘Streamers!  It’s Ally Reznicek, here with Bel Floratine Custom Designs with another update. It’s been a crazy past few weeks with insane weather and freezing temperatures.  Some of our work days had to be cancelled due to the severity of the situation, but we’ve jumped right back into our projects at full […]

Please to meet you… Jordan Smith Jedi Design team

  Oh hello Milestone 2, please to meet you! I’ve heard tons about you. Some things that make me a little bit scared but a lot that makes me even more confident. With Milestone 2, the objective is to come up with a construction binder, that will give detailed plans for building the inside structures of the […]

Milestone 2! Furniture Time! Jennifer Chaparro -Ever-Green Design Firm

Hello Again! Well, where do I begin… Last class the Engineering class was able to learn whom the winners were and also begin our Milestone 2. We began class by finding out what our Milestone 2 was, each group had to design all the furniture based on the winning design floor. What each group is […]

And the winner is…. Jennifer Chaparro -Ever-Green Design Firm

First of all, I hope all of you enjoyed the wonderful holidays with your loved ones, and began the New Year with joy. I am back to inform you about our Project Ventura! I am not done with my mission, I have more to tell you about our class assignment. Back in December, the Principles […]

Not Alone on The Dirt Road – Faith Vanderburg, Dream Designers

Dream Designers have made the teachers’ dream come true, but the road to get there was not an easy one, nor did we walk it alone. After all the work and the late nights Ms. Jo – our Principles of Engineering teacher – decided that picking a winning design out of eight would be overwhelming […]