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Oh the Places You’ll Go! -Ryanna H

Hello fellow revamp junkies and day dreamers! Its ryanna again and since we’re just getting back from the weekend I’d like to talk about the time it takes to really sit back, relax, and let your imagination take over. After Ava and mines design wasn’t in the top 4 in the class, I started to […]

Bonds Stronger Than Wood Glue- Ryanna H

Hi fellow engineers! Ryanna here to tell you all how this year’s project is going. Ava and I are working on finishing up our sketchup right now. It’s amazing how creative your ideas are when you get to collaborate. One thing we both wanted was a way to project onto the side of the school, […]

How does your Garden VENTURA grow?

Hello we are the Avengers (Vanessa, Hope, Zoë and Aleeya). We are helping the 10th graders with the trailer, through our project called, Garden VENTURA. Our job in this project is to design the exterior of the trailer, while the 10th graders designed the interior. Some of the designing that we enjoyed and were interested […]

Wonderful Things Can Be Achieved

By Lauren Breach, Astrid Jackson, Jacky Ortega and Michiah Thomas “Unity  is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” ~Mattie Stepanek After weeks of long hours and hard work we have finally reached the due date of the Garden Ventura wiki. Our group, along with the 40 other groups in […]

Engineering: It’s Not Just for Men

By Darby Buscemi, Helen Foster, Nicole Ramirez, and Vanessa Leija When it comes to engineering, there’s a lot to talk about, but there is one thing most people will try to avoid. Only 13% of engineers and 18.4% of engineering bachelor degrees are awarded to women, which is definitely a problem. Women are widely underrepresented […]

Carbon is our friend!

Right now in Science we are working on designing a garden for the 10th graders. They designed this trailer, and we have to make a garden for it. To do the project, we had to learn about the carbon cycle. Did you know carbon is an element found in all living things? It’s in you […]

The Truth about Garden VENTURA

Having a garden at home is not very hard. In this project my group has to design a garden for a trailer. In this project ,Garden VENTURA we are helping the tenth graders with their project, they have to design the inside of the trailer for the teachers. The tenth graders are our clients in […]