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Final Fun- All done! – Annika L.

Hello all!  Annika here again.  As you may have read about in Dana’s blog, this morning we presented various topics relating to our project to a panel of judges.  Topics such as SketchUp, our design matrix, materials, and the aggravating process of leveling were covered.  I was in charge of discussing the client and design […]

Matrix, Matrix On My Paper, Which Design is Worthy of Creation? -Maddy S.

Hello, fellow bloggers, it’s Maddy again. Since I wrote to you all last, some crucial planning decisions have been made. As Carmen mentioned, each set of pairs in our class has completed their inspiration boards, which I previously called a “living Pinterest board.” This allowed us to lay out how we envision the space to […]

Bonds Stronger Than Wood Glue- Ryanna H

Hi fellow engineers! Ryanna here to tell you all how this year’s project is going. Ava and I are working on finishing up our sketchup right now. It’s amazing how creative your ideas are when you get to collaborate. One thing we both wanted was a way to project onto the side of the school, […]

Revamp the Camp and its Grounds- Maddy S.

Hello, fellow bloggers, it’s Maddy a current sophomore at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders and member of the Engineering Pathway. Over the course of these next few months, my classmates and I will be completing our Cornerstone Project which allows us to graduate on the Distinguished Achievement Plan and also determines the […]

Mapping Our Models

Hello Project VENTURA readers and enthusiasts, it is I, Lucia, back again to bring you up to date on the newest happenings with our Project VENTURA greenhouse.  Last you heard, we were still finishing up our greenhouse model and just beginning to measure out the area in which we will be building the greenhouse.  We […]

How are we going to make this? What if it brakes?- Jessica Swofford- Jedi Design Team

Hello Project Ventura followers! Welcome back to the Jedi Design teams blog! This is Swofford here with lots of new stuff! We have been working very hard on our Google Sketch-up. I have been having trouble with deciding which type of wood to use. I think the best type will be a pine wood and […]

By Golly, I think I got it!!!- Vedastein Custom Design Company, Maya Nunez

Hello and welcome back viewers. Hopefully everything has been going well since and now you are ready to jump on board for more Project Ventura fun. First off, I want to thank everyone who has been viewing our blogs on the behalf of our entire engineering class. It’s so great to have so many people […]