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Cornerstone Night: Mission Accomplished – Maya Messinger, MAAT Design Firm

“Why are you late with your blog, Maya?” you ask. I’m not! Woot! Instead of writing about practicing speeches, how we played games for half of our last POE class, and how Ms. Jo worked all of Friday putting even more finishing touches on the Whale, I get to tell you all about how our […]

Cool Story Bro~! – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

Hey everyone!  It’s my last blog post for the year!  I can’t say that it’ll be weird not blogging every other week, but I’m sure you guys will understand.  It’s really nearing the end of Project Ventura!  It’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad to say we completed most of our project!  We’ve […]

I Have Confidence! Abby Dougherty MAAT Design Firm

Hello VENTURA followers! It’s me Abby Dougherty from MAAT Design Firm yet again, and this blog is going to be a bit bittersweet because it is my last blog post. That’s right, there are only 2 more short weeks left of Project Ventura! As a class, we have accomplished so much this year, and it’s […]

Everyone is Writing in Static Equilibrium – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

Hello everyone!  Good seeing you here again. 🙂  Today, I’m blogging about how we’re wrapping up our Project Ventura for the year, because our deadline is coming up soon.  As of right now, we are currently writing our E-book!  Who knew I’d get to write part of a book and get it published? It’s basically […]

e-Books are the New Thing! -Abby Dougherty MAAT Design Firm

Hello Ventura followers! It’s me Abby Dougherty from MAAT Design Firm again here to give y’all a bit of an update. So like I said a few weeks ago, Project Ventura is slowly but surely coming to a close. We are currently at a bit of a halt on construction because there simply isn’t too […]

Losing Track of Time – Maya Messinger, MAAT Design Firm

Hey loopsies! So I accidentally skipped a blog, and I apologize for that. But that means I have even more stuff to report since my last post! You’ll be getting two blogs posts from me in two days! Since it’s now been a month since my last blog, I’ve got a lot of explaining of […]

No Low-VOC Is a No Go! – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

Hey, everyone!  Alex, here!  Isn’t it a pretty “Good Friday”?  Yeah, yeah?  C’mon, I know you got the joke. 😉  Yes, today is Good Friday, and for the lucky few, that means no school.  Well, I don’t have anything too exciting other than what other people have blogged about already.  You all get the jist […]