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Revamp the Camp and its Grounds- Maddy S.

Hello, fellow bloggers, it’s Maddy a current sophomore at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders and member of the Engineering Pathway. Over the course of these next few months, my classmates and I will be completing our Cornerstone Project which allows us to graduate on the Distinguished Achievement Plan and also determines the […]

Bob The Builder – Jordan Smith Jedi Design

Hello and welcome back! You can call us Bob the builders in training because we haven’t quite yet started on that part, but we are leading up to it. We are still on Milestone 2 and on Google sketch-up. Today in class we learned about battery banks. We are using deep cycle batteries, because they […]

How Not to Chop Off Your Fingers, Our Visit With Pro Pam Powell – Maya Messinger, MAAT Design Firm

So I’m back… We’ve had a fun time starting to actually draw out – scratch that, sketch out, as in on Google SketchUp (see the pun?) – our ideas for the furniture. How is this different from the floor model, you ask? Well, these ideas are specific. Instead of having “chairs” and “a desk”, we’re […]

Milestones, Models, and Measurements- Oh my! Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello, my fellow Streamers!  I am back, once again with Bel Floratine Custom Designs with an update with what we have been working on recently. We are hard at work on Milestone 2!  In this section, we will actually be designing all of the furniture that will be built into the Whale.  With the Airstream’s […]

Please to meet you… Jordan Smith Jedi Design team

  Oh hello Milestone 2, please to meet you! I’ve heard tons about you. Some things that make me a little bit scared but a lot that makes me even more confident. With Milestone 2, the objective is to come up with a construction binder, that will give detailed plans for building the inside structures of the […]

Finished Milestone One!! But Wait….. Plot twist….We aren’t even close to done! -Maya Nunez Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello and Welcome back fellow Ventura followers! I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year. Guess What!! New Year means new milestone. Yep, that’s right we are officially done with milestone 1. So, its been a while so let me refresh your memory. Last semester we started out with a bang not only being introduce […]

Ventura’s Returna! Gus Dexheimer, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications

Aloha Ventura World! You haven’t heard from most of us since last year! What a sad, sad, horrific truth. Many things have happened. The world of Ventura has become a whole new place. So, I shall catch you up… Last semester, we finished with a boom/bang/explosion by turning in our final models and load calculations. […]